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Unique experience

Experience recommended by the 3Villas team.


Many times we forget how wonderful and simple life is. Experiences like this make us value what we have, help us feel, and enjoy the moment. Many things in this life are free and available to everyone, but not all of us stop to enjoy them.

In this experience we suggest you stop and enjoy the moment. A few simple steps that you can modify to your liking but that if you follow them minimally, the guarantee of living an unforgettable experience is practically safe.

Step 1

Select one of the following destinations.
Cavallería Beach
Located in the north of the island, it is one of the most beautiful virgin beaches on the island.
Cala Pregonda
Also located in the north of the island, it is another of the virgin beaches par excellence of the island.
Any other virgin beach on the Island.
The island is full of small corners and virgin coves that you can discover by walking the Camí de cavalls.

Step 2

Up early
The objective of this second step is to get up early with the aim of being in the selected place at 7 in the morning.

Step 3

Enjoy the tranquility of the moment.
Just live in the moment.
Relax and dare to take a vitalizing dip.

A way to start the day in a different way and an experience.
After this experience, a good option is to have a good breakfast in the beautiful town of Es Mercadal.
Happy day
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